The people around North America to whom I've presented have taken new inspiration, approaches, and confidence to excel. I guarantee that not only will I be instructive, I will entertain and provoke to help attendees evaluate and evolve beyond comfortable prejudices and unconscious biases.

My specific expertise comes from decades of experience as a start-up entrepreneur, a product development leader, a change manager, and a marketer. I also bring to bear insights from extensive research for my books and essays.

I speak to my domain-specific business expertise in Cloud IT, Digital Identity, and Online Security.

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IT as transformation agent My strongest knowledge areas include digital identity and security, cloud computing, and secure digital communications

Growth and novelty I speak about innovation, change management, and product development/design

Social change and evolution My hobby horses are (social) trust, privacy and transparency, and the long view (backward and forward)

Uncommon wisdom I've assembled ideas and insights on pragmatic decision-making, practical thinking, and purpose-driven action

Front-End of Innovation (Boston)

Email your event information and contact coordinates, and I'll get back to you.

email to: enquire at timothygrayson-dot-com

©2004-13, Timothy Grayson

Places I've spoken recently


Cloud Security Alliance (Canada) Summit

Digital Economy Conference (2nd)

Front End Of Innovation - Toronto

ACT Canada Cardware conference
Niagara Falls

Mobile Money Canada conference
Toronto Customer Company Tour Toronto and Ottawa

IT Measurement and Governance— International Strategies Ottawa



Cloudforce Toronto

Global Innovations in New Product Development and Marketing
San Diego

Front End of Innovation

Intelligent Enterprise Expedition

Please contact me at the address indicated below to discuss options for making your event just a little more fun while educational, if not inspirational. I can customize participation as a keynote or panelist, luncheon/dinner speaker or workshop leader.