©2004-13, Timothy Grayson



This is thought leadership. It covers areas in which I have expertise such as trust, digital identity, online security, business in general, and so forth.

There is a cornucopia of thoughts on various subjects that have fascinated me over the years, categorized as follows.


Ideas and meditations about digital and traditional business situations, including fresh metaphors for marketing and contemplations of the role of business in the world and in our daily lives.


Work in the field of online security and digital certificates led to digital identity led to simple identity and what it means in an expanding virtual world that is imposing itself on the physical world we know and understand. I developed an expertise with regard to trust. So, this area includes ideas about trust, privacy, and philosophy of self in the social context.


Context is a fit-all category that includes writings about Complexity and Chaos theories, entropy, Emergence, power laws, behavioural economics, and so on.


A broad array of notions, ideas, recommendations, opinion, satire, and whimsy in many styles.


For the academically oriented, particularly those interested in historiography, are provided some of my grad papers and my thesis.