©2004-13, Timothy Grayson

My winding path of career and educational experience gives me an atypical worldview. Formal training both for business and as an historian provide vastly different approaches and perspectives from which to draw. Add to that the extended, informal research and (self-)education in expert fields as diverse as behavioural psychology and social psychology, and Chaos and Complexity sciences, and I end up broadly-informed on things from the mundane to the esoteric that always makes for surprising connections.

I have been innovating for 25-years in industries as diverse as software development, investment management, online travel, and postal services. I've filed five patents and been awarded two by the United States Patent and Trade-marks Office. Ahead of the curve, I developed both a ski lift/gate control and a golf course tracking/distancing system. I got experience. In finanacial services, my positioning of a niche mutual fund company as a "micro-fund" was instrumental in securing the fastest growth in assets under management at the time. I did my time as an Internet start-up entrepreneur in the heady days of the first dot-com bubble. More experience. I helped lead Canada's postal service further into online and mobile services as the head of epost product development in the Digital Delivery Network.

I have experience in small business and large commercial enterprise, public sector, not-for-profit, and academia. Whether as consultant, employee, volunteer, or board member, I practically and profitably apply the ideas and insights I've gathered from many disciplines, places, influential people, and a lifetime of experiences.

My first book, Every Canadian's Guide to Common Contracts, was published in 2000 by HarperCollins Canada. As evident in the Thought Leadership section, I write and speak on ideas and issues. The more recent book, a compendium of too many ideas, entitled The Spaces In Between, is available here.

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