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Photo credit: Yiran Ding

My Oeuvre.

This is thought leadership. There is a cornucopia of thoughts on various subjects that have fascinated me over the years.

My career.

Whether one of an army or an army of one, for decades I have exploited innovations and opportunities, building and transforming businesses, and cleaning up for large and small organizations.


I prefer to look to the horizon (or at least the road) not the dashboard; then make strategy real, achieving objectives by implementing and adjusting plans as they encounter the inconvenience of reality.


I'm at my best in high-visibiliy, fluid, and difficult situations. I lead people to overcome hurdles, modelling vision and steadiness through turbulence and ambiguity of innovation and transformation.


I've been called an energetic, engaging, and inspiring leader and presenter. The evangelist in me persuades; the academic lectures; and the debater argues. I do best in English, but am nearly fluent in French and Spanish.


Some people can sell ice to the Inuit. I can't. But that said, it's been my experience that one way or another, people will come to my way of seeing things.

Consulting and Coaching

Using experience and wisdom to help others reach their peak by teaching, plying expertise, and guiding has the biggest impact. My business Institute X and other roles are geared to this.

Transformation & Change

My business, Institute X, is dedicated to orgnaizational transformation and change management because societal and cultural evolution starts with individuals and organizations.

Who Am I?

I am a guy that has gone through many stages and ages. I've evolved through layers of my own ignorance and hope that I am closer to being perfected. Closer to wisdom.

Educated to make strange connections

My educational experience has been a long, winding walk. I was formally trained for business. Then I studied history at a high level. Add to that extended research and self-education in fields like behavioural and social psychology, Chaos and Complexity science. Most recently, I've been fascinated by the idea of religion and its impact on people and societies.

Experienced to lead through change and evolution

I have been innovating for 25-years in industries as diverse as software, investment management, travel, and postal. I've been a genuine entrepreneur and an enterprise intrapreneur. I've moved across responsibilities from marketing to operations, product development to sales, I've been an "expert" and a "people manager" transforming as I go.


I move around because I get bored or frustrated with the restrictions and narrowness of what I have to do after I've been doing it for a while. Also, there's increasing value to the surprising connections and naive approaches that come with carrying skills and knowledge from one domain to the next. Besides, I firmly believe there is always a better way and always something that doesn't yet exist that will prove it.

Really, Why?

To be good stewards (of money, society, and the planet), we have to be vigilant. Comfort is the exact opposite. Our duty is to make the most of our time for ourselves and for those to come. Good guests bring something to the part, don't overstay, and leave the place better than they found it. If that means innovating and transforming and the discomfort that goes with it, so be it.

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