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Winning any of life's games is hard, whether working, playing, or even raising a family. We try to get ahead, yet often end up making it harder on ourselves. One reason is because we believe answers pop out if we only stare at the problem long enough.

The average person can find answers; the best make them. Instead of more facts that everyone can see, isn't the real key to success being the first to find the information nobody else can see?

Accessible and witty, the book draws practical connections across many expert fields to answer this question with a resounding "Yes." The Spaces in Between starts with the idea of a mere dot of information and ends with the insight and perspective needed to see what's invisible to everyone else. Immediately increase your ability to anticipate the secret information essential to lead, create, innovate, and outwit.

The book looks at other questions like

Why is the best advice sometimes to wait and at other times to act? And why does the actual action hardly matter?

When is the wisdom of crowds just the tyranny of the mob?

Why does it seem that not everybody's playing the same game, even on the same field? (They're not.)

Why will asking "Why?" three or more times clarify but also obscure?

Why can understanding the bell curve a little too well limit you?

Why do nursery rhymes haunt your thinking still?