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Sometimes I think about situational irony or absurdity, which compels me to comment. Find here poetry, short stories, essays, some attempts at humor.

The papers

Dr. Oddlust—How I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Cloud (11/13) -- A paper I produced as a Canada Post presenter at a postponed legal conference in Calgary, Canada (Lexpert) that contemplates the state of and the future for Cloud Computing. (2,000 words)

Waterboarded on the 27th Floor (08/12) -- An alter-ego contemplation on what it might feel like to be waterboarded at a career and commonplace employment level. (800 words)

Lusting in my Heart (10/08) -- As TS Eliot said, "And the end of all our exploring / Will be to arrive where we started / And know the place for the first time." I consider how I wound up deeply desiring a pick-up truck. (960 words)

Trust Deficit (07/08) -- In the terms and context of not trusting politicians, a brief contemplation of what trust is all about and how it affects organizations. (800 words)

Bilblical Change (04/07) -- "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it," said Ferris Bueller. I contemplate whether things are moving faster these days. (775 words)

All's Fair (07/06) -- A musing about what a shortcoming in defining a word ("fair" as "equal" v. "equitable") can have on an organization and its success as second order effects of that misdefinition. (1,340 words)

Modern Maya (03/06) -- Looking back, this otherworldly bit of weirdness was a pretty harsh contemplation of how hard it is to walk the razor's edge of religious freedom and social obligation in modern Canada. (1,750 words)

Dante in Denver (11/02) -- In an homage to Signor Alighieri's trek through hell, I find myself pondering the state of digital identity in the wake of Digital Identity World 2002. (9,300 words)

Going Faster: But Where (07/01) -- The future will unfold in response to short-term obstacles and needs. We're going blindly into the unknown, very fast. (1,300 words)

Brand Canada or 'Branded' Canadian (06/01) -- Piece in Policy Options about the Canadian character as a brand and its implications on selling Canadian goods, services, and human resources. (3,200 words)

Lining Up for the Anti-Globalization Conga -- Part I (04/01) -- Anti-globalization as typified by Seattle and Quebec City are unconstructive. Economics and history conspire against it. (1,300 words)

Air Canada Can Save Us (02/01) -- We're too fat; Air Canada is mismanaged and in receivership. I think there's one solution to both problems. (750 words)

Social Aspects of Shopping (02/01) -- We are social creatures. All the conveniences and benefits of the online world are missing that key element. To permeate society fully the virtual world needs a stronger social aspect. (900 words)

Toward a New Employment Contract for the Knowledge Economy (01/01) -- Capitalist enterprise and labour need to work together to keep human intellectual capital at home in Canada. That entails providing opportunities and paying better than elsewhere. (3,300 words)

Suitably Short-Sighted (01/01) -- Short-term reporting, immediate gratification, and a gap between word and action are incompatible with the long-term human story. (800 words)

Change of Biblical Proportions (11/00) -- Twentieth-century technological development is change of Biblical proportion. Here's why. (900 words)

Sacrificing a Sacred Cow (11/00) -- Sacred cows, like Canadian Health Care, ought to be eaten and not sacrificed on the election altar. It shouldn't be the "weather" of Election 2000. (1,000 words)

He Was What He Was (1992) -- My friend Warren was an original soul who died too early. We were going to save the world. Here's my thanks to him for being who he was. (1,500 words)

The Demise of Unpopular Aspects of Popular Religion: Out Out Damn Smoke (1992) -- What if the smell of incense bothered people attending church in the same way cigarette smoke in public places has? (1,800 words)

Building Memories (1992) -- I grew up in a small town. It was a living town in every sense of the word, and this piece attempts to show how the town affected everyone's life. (2,700 words)

Doggy Do Dos (1992) -- Training a dog? There are certain do's and some don't's. Here are the most important although not the only ones you'll have to know before you buy. (1,750 words)

The (Latch)Key of Life (1992) -- What's all this about latchkey kids and their problems? I was a prototypical latchkey kid and it doesn't seem to have been too bad for me. (1,900 words)