©2004-13, Timothy Grayson


©2004-13, Timothy Grayson



The exciting Eastern Roman Empire and its relation to the Persians and Arabs—ironically enough, quite relevant today to the modern (American) empire as well—is the subject matter of two shorter papers. My grad thesis is a little longer, but well worth the read for anyone interested in why we write with a notion of final end in mind.

The papers

GOING SOMEWHERE: The Pervasiveness of Teleology in History and the 18th Century Great Experiment to Eliminate It (05/00)

PERSIA AND THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE [284-651]: Balance of Power and Spheres of Influence Stability in Asia Minor (02/00)

ARABIC CONFLUENCE FROM CONSTANTINE TO HERACLIUS: The Preparation for a 7th Century Religio-Racial Explosion (11/99)