For over 20 years I have been exploiting innovations, ideas, and opportunities, building businesses, implementing transformational change, and cleaning messes for large and small organizations. I've been an entrepreneur in online travel, the first VP of a mutual fund company, and in a host of software/technology start-ups. I've been an "intra-preneur" in an enterprise organization.

“Strategic” is my default state. But I make strategy real and achieve objectives byimplementing and adjusting plans as they encounter the inconvenience of reality. I am extremely proficient with product development, operations, business development and sales, and (interactive) communications/marketing.

I’m best in high-visibility, fluid, and difficult situations. I lead people to overcome hurdles. I model vision and steadiness through the turbulence and ambiguity that typifies the early stage of a business opportunity.

I have been called an energetic, engaging, and even inspiring presenter. The evangelist in me persuades while the academic lectures and the debater argues.

In addition to a mass of white papers, essays, magazine and newspaper articles, I've written two books for business people. I am nearly fluent in both French and Spanish.


Disruptive innovation and transformative business change, strategic planning, product development, business development (selling), orchestrating relationships, communications

I have specific expertise in Cloud computing, digital identity, and GIS. I am considered an expert in the area of commercial "trust"


Director, Emerging (Growth) Services Development and Management, Canada Post (December 2009October 2014)

I led a team to develop and implement a roadmap for non-traditional (electronic) services, moving a number of key initiatives for secure digital storage, secure email, simplified electronic delivery induction, and credit card PIN change ahead rapidly. Led a 20-person task team on a multi-million dollar electronic infrastructure evolution to create a secure, geographic address-connected electronic delivery network.

Senior Advisor, Transaction Mail Strategy, Canada Post Corporation (January 2006December 2009)

I was a special strategist to the SVP of a $3.3-billion business unit in transformation creating and presenting strategic plans and annual scorecards for 5 business units, and maintaining future scenarios. Also administered business operations, governance, policy, and communications. Led a multi-million dollar development to implement chip/PIN credit card acceptance for a 6,000-location retail network and build a new service for PIN management.

Sr. Mgr, Product Development (electronic), Canada Post Corporation (April 2001December 2005)

I created and shaped disruptive business innovation, typically Internet-based and relevant to the postal future. Determined value propositions and directed the creation of prototypes and market tests. Lead author of a transition strategy, designing organizational structures and initiating several key projects pending deployment of the new organization. Led a project including assembly of a market test consortium, take-to-market plan, and securing participants for a 12-week in-market concept, technology, business process, and market positioning test, coordinating 20 organizations. I share a patent-pending invention for systematically creating and managing content delivery to a secure electronic box that is persistently connected to a known geographic address.

Proprietor, Templar Technologies Inc. (19922001)

Operated a successful business providing business modelling, action planning, and marketing for small and mid-size enterprises in financial services, entertainment/media, manufacturing, retail, and not-for-profit. Developed several innovative devices and new business ideas. During this period (1999-2001), I was the COO of an online travel startup overseeing and directing technology development, marketing, business development, and staffing. From 1992 to 1996, I created the corporate brand and position for a regional mutual fund company (now part of a top-50 fund company) as its founding Vice-President Marketing.

Director, Marketing and Sales, Chartersoft Corporation (19901992)

Managed brand development, promotion, and lead generation for a presentation graphics (think PowerPoint before PowerPoint) start-up. Spent final 8 months effectively as COO to 15 employees and contractors.

Communications Manager, Nygard International (1987-1989)

Managed a staff of four reporting directly to Peter Nygard, CEO of a $200-million international women's clothing manufacturer/retailer. Orchestrated the national launch of "Peter Nygard Signature Collection," leading to unprecedented first season order bookings.


University of Manitoba (19982000), MA History (Philosophy of)

University of Manitoba (19831987), B.Comm (Hons)

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