August 04, 2005

Of course we do . . .

A little item in today's Globe & Mail quotes a study done by TNS and TRUSTe (Canadians support biometric I.D.: survey). Not surprisingly, the Canadian perspective shows that,

More Canadians support the use of biometric identifiers in government-issued identification, but worry that the costs might be prohibitive and that governments could abuse the system, a new survey says.
Americans' support was not especially lower than Canadians' for embedded biometrics.

The more interesting thing -- in the paragraphs describing the whole report -- is that North Americans gravitate toward passport, drivers' license, and SIN/SSN as the de facto identifiers of choice. Many of us -- Phil, Dan -- thinking about this have at one time or another reluctantly conceded that the real broadbased, socially acceptable digital identity (root) credential may already exist. All that's needed is an heroic upgrade to the integrity of the system and application of the appropriate enabling technology . . .

Posted by Grayson at August 4, 2005 08:01 AM