June 20, 2005

Mac stops talking to router

Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier [d'oh]. I'm hoping that one of the three of you reading this knows something about (a) connecting to the Internet, (b) Mac and OSX, and (c) why the latter would suddenly have issue with the former, and be able to advise.

Short story: in the middle of converting favourite CDs to MP3s in iTunes for my ipod, iTunes stops being able to access the CD database. Strange. Then, everything on the Mac (Safari, Mail, MSN) stops being able to access the Internet. I'm running a wireless network and despite my work PC being attached and talking just fine with the outside world, I go through the process of getting the ISP's tech support guy on the phone and cycling the modem, router, computer, etc., etc. Bupkis! A little more hunting and I find out that the router is still allowing the correct MAC address for my Mac through. Also, the computer is no longer able to get an IPaddress from the router or modem. It's giving itself only the 169... IP address.

So I thought, "Firewall!" Trouble is I don't remember having one except the kid-proofing demo software I didn't like and uninstalled some time ago (well before upgrading to Panther). Yet System Prefs says I have another -- i.e., not Apple's standard -- firewall installed and running. Hmmm . . . router?

Anyway, if any of the few of you out there is running a Mac and seen anything like this happen before, some hints for diagnostics or repair would be very appreciated. In fact, anybody technical who can suggest something regardless of your computer religion would be a hero to me today . . . the wife's email inbox is sure to be piling up right now.

Posted by Grayson at June 20, 2005 06:39 PM