May 25, 2005

The singular post office

Cory Doctorow, at Boing Boing, posted an item (Boing Boing: Stross's Singularity wiki) about Charlie Stross (who I can only assume is a science fiction writer) and his creation of a "Singularity wiki." For those of you who are unaware -- as I was -- of the difference between the traditionally-defined "singularity" and science fiction writers' version, the latter is apparently "the moment in human history when things go non-linear because of the ability to upload consciousness to computers. Hitching human intelligence to PC industry's growth curve will make incomprehensible transhumans out of us, rupturing history." I'm not one for science fiction -- at least not reading it -- but found the following quote from Stross, in Boing Boing, interesting, if only because I know postal administrations are looking for their place in the post-mail world:

If you live through the Singularity and you do not try UpLoading and are not rendered PostHumous by feral calculators or get eaten by GreyGoo, you may be one of the PostHumans. PostHumans are humans who are not human any more. Some of them work for the Post Office, which keeps track of the PostHumans and sees that they do not cause outbreaks of GreyGoo, but the rest of them live a leisured life, pampered and cosseted by their UtilityFog and BushRobot an' other frightful servitors. [Emphasis mine.]

Posted by Grayson at May 25, 2005 07:33 AM