May 11, 2005

DIDW theme update

Jamie Lewis, of Burton Group, is presenting a wide-ranging view of the identity context. He's just mentioned another couple themes emerging at this event:

  • Liability -- which is to say that the "system" that emerges will have to address and deal with the liabilities present within a digital identity world. Businesses, governments, and others will have to find a way to accommodate and accept varying levels of liability viz. "relative" levels of authentication and certainty. Which leads to:
  • Enterprise vs. social identity -- essentially the realization that there are extreme complexities in this world which make the view of digital identity an enterprise or business challenge unworkable. Jamie used the word "polymorphic" to describe how identities will be required to adapt to many circumstances, contexts, and requirements without becoming distinct and separate identities (i.e., remaining mapped to a singular individual). Good choice of word. Brings us right back, circularly, to liability.
  • Rising out of the weeds -- which is to say that the conversation rose above the petty squabbles about who's technical standards and architectures would be "the" right solution (and so on ad infinitum) to a level that almost addresses the full breadth of the legal, moral, and philosophical stones that are being overturned by this initiative. Certainly a step upward.

    Posted by Grayson at May 11, 2005 12:27 PM