May 10, 2005

Themes in Identity (or at least at Digital Identity World)

First morning of DIDW is coming to a close and I'm listening to Kim Cameron from Microsoft talk about "The Laws of Identity." Interesting so far and others are blogging the content -- so I won't.

What I'm hearing this morning are several themes that are emerging in the language. Here's a start:

  • Long tail - referring to the latest incarnation of the power-curve framework that has been proposed for the Internet, a while ago by Clay Shirkey more recently by Chris Anderson, of Wired.
  • Emergence -- referring to the eventual, evolutionary result of a complex adaptive system's self-organization (i.e., it "emerges"), which comes from the world of complexity science. This theme arose quickly with Phil Becker's initial keynote.
  • "Identity vetting" - loosely described this refers to the dawning realization that there has to be a strong 1:1 mapping of physical individual to a digital identity(ies) and so the creation of digital identities is vastly more complex than enterprise solutions would find and propose [Ed. Wrote about this stuff at great length a year or two ago.]
  • Loosely coupled -- The idea comes -- again -- from complexity and the idea of "small worlds." I think David Weinberger picked up on this in his book Small pieces loosely joined.

    Kim Cameron is either very, very smart or is an incompetent MBA with an exceptional vocabulary. I suspect the former and only mention it because you don't often hear the word prolegomena (prolegomenon // n. (pl. prolegomena) (usu. in pl.) an introduction or preface to a book etc., esp. when critical or discursive) in the usual business-directed PowerPoint-aided lecture.

    Posted by Grayson at May 10, 2005 03:03 PM