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Why I do what I do

I innovate and create; I pull-apart and reconstruct; I challenge things and often do things differently than everyone else. This has taken me to start-ups, technology, marketing and communications, and product development among other waystops on this voyage.

I do it because there is always a better way and always something that doesn't exist yet that might be exactly what we need right now. I believe that to be good stewards of investment money, of society, and of the planet, we must be constantly vigilant. Comfort is exactly the opposite. Since we're all here only briefly and our descendants will need all the help they can get, our duty is to make the most of our time for ourselves and for those to come. Good guests bring something to the party, don't overstay their welcome, and leave the place at least as good as they found it.

The Navigator

"Boldly go where no man has gone before."

Polo, Columbus, Cartier, and others went, uncharted, to find things "they" said weren't there. The unknown is an adventure not to be feared.
"They" need to be led.

I help others put their dents in the as-yet undiscovered universe by informing, educating, and inspiring as a business leader and, more importantly, by writing and speaking about innovation, change, the unknown, and thinking differently to do more.

Let me know how I can inspire you and your organization. Look here for more.

Recursive: (1) repeating itself, either indefinitely or until a specified point is reached; (2) involving the repeated application of a function to its own values.
Progress: (1) gradual development or improvement of something; (2) movement forward or onward.

It is the unwitting way of the universe.

The Weblog contains ocassional notions unworthy of an essay. Or maybe they are worthy; just neglected. Either way, it's something to think about

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